AUGUST 04-15. 2004.


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Lider : Tanja Bjelanović
Colider's : Tijana Mirović, Ognjen Odobašić i Predrag Diković

During the Third International Art Camp held from 4th to 15th August 2004, there have been 30 young people from 17 different countries (Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska), Great Britain, France, SAD, Japan, Bulgaria, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Malta, Italy, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Serbia and Montenegro) into 3 art workshops – literary, visual arts and music.

Produced creativity motivated number of young locals to join in and together, exchanging experiences and learning, produce many constructive acts for the municipality. Kosjeric Cultural Centre exterior wall was painted; audience (about 300 visitors) took pleasure in great music and drama performance; and children had a chance to craft their own theatre puppets and practice the first theatre performance in the puppet play. Art works created in children and visual arts studios (paintings, puppets and stage design) had been sold to citizens and Children Daycare. Money was used in humanitarian needs for fellow citizen Nebojsa Eric who is in poor health.
The camp has been led by 8 young people, members of Centre for Antiwar Action from Belgrade and K-Town Group from Kosjeric, one leader (Tanja Bjelanovic) and seven volunteer co leaders (Tijana Mirovic, Predrag Dikovic, Ognjen Odobasic, Milos Bozovic, Darko Vasiljevic, Vladimir Radojicic and Milica Bozovic) specially trained for international volunteer summer camp leaders. Every workshop was facilitated by professionals from very field and the working day lasted seven hours per day, in some cases few hours more.
Number of activities, with the goal of improving on group dynamics and raising interface with locals, has been implemented: international evening presentation of participant’s cultures, sport matches, music evenings, local Folklore Club visit, presentations of Serbian culture and history.
In order to gain better cultural knowledge of Serbia, two field trips have been organized that consisted of visit to Guca (the biggest trumpet orchestra assembly), Sirogojno ethnic village, and ceramic colony in Zlakusa (place of international significance), Potpecka cave, church of Arilje and river Rzav.

When applying to one of the 2000 camps in the word, most of the future participants take a first choice to come and play a part at Kosjeric’s camp for its location and nature of offered activities. What moved every single visitor was the thrilling of Kosjeric’s nature, people, food, atmosphere and camp itself. An evaluation criterion was set to high and positive, with few creative suggestions in improving the camp workshops.

Literary workshop
Leaders: Dusko Matic and Tijana Matijevic

Foremost termination regarding this year literary workshop was that it fulfilled participant’s whishes and skills which at the end, on the final exhibition, had remarkable effects. The reasons for this type of approach to work are various.
Main purpose was education, creative writing, or creating a form in general following the theme - were to be the results of previous ‘training’ in some of the theoretical or historical approach to literacy. The goal was to understand and experience surrealism and its movements, representatives, influences and mostly techniques of writing. Following, there has been a short training on history of Serbian literature. This short course was about anthology poems from folk literature to the end of XX century, as well as some representative short stories by Ivo Andric. The creative part of the workshop had been exercising in different styles of narrating, imitating drama style monolog and at the end, writing in technique of train of thought. In addition, visiting other location in the city gave further inspiration and other people participation helped the workshop.
Spontaneous in ideas and communication has marked the work of this year literary group and the camp itself. The installation made by participants and leader of the visual arts group made a link between poetry and visual arts work in presenting. The idea was practically indispensable as for the use of the available space.
The language being the main tool of the literary workshop makes it the most demanding for to achieve the balance between the uses of non-mother tongue and aspiration for producing quality work. That what impulsively popped up this year (theatre, performance and video work) could be the alternative for future literary workshops of the camp in Kosjeric

Visual Arts workshop
Leaders: Predrag Miladinovic, Jelena Tijanic and Bojan Savic

Visual Arts workshop for the Third International Art Camp in Kosjeric was lead by three leaders. There had been 18 more participants and joined local contributors. The results of this group are more than obvious as it exceeded previous outcome of the two earlier camps.
The works made by visual arts group, besides its variety and extent that amazed visitors of the final exhibition, are suitable for analysis as they open up new fields of exploring the idea this workshop can take in the future.
Besides works made in traditional way (25 canvases painted with acrylic), there had been accentuated works in different media: photography, video installations and performances. These techniques were generally dominant by the most number of foreign participants as well as some local. These types of works demand more interactive observation, so the interest of the local community and advantage of the exhibition had been greater.
During the final preparation of the exhibition, great cooperation has been made with the literary workshop group. Their works had visual messages which corresponded well with the final works on the exhibition of the visual art group. All together, video work has also been presented.
Great number of works had been sold out after the camp and the money was used for humanitarian aid.

Music workshop
Leader: Dejan Resanovic

Third International Art Camp in Kosjeric’s music group had been made from 12 volunteers from Belgium, Spain, England, Japan, France, Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro still, mainly from Kosjeric. The work in bigger and smaller groups has been going on for 10 days and ended with the final concert at the end of the camp. Repertoire consisted of 10 musical compositions from different countries in ethno, jazz and rock style related to participant’s abilities. The work was rather demanding a lot of attention as the participants didn’t have the same level of knowledge. At the end the music group finalized in well composed concert.
It is interesting that the fact of the music group work influenced local band which has been activated during the camp that too presented their work on the final concert.

Children workshop
Leader: Koraljka Bublik

12 children (age 7-13) under the leadership of Koraljka Bublik from Valjevo, followed 10 day course of crafting theatre puppets and acting in theatre play.
The end result was puppet play Cinderella that was visited by 300 viewers, with 12 children actors and actresses and 8 crafted puppets. Stage scene was designed by the participants of visual art workshop. All the costumes, stage scene and puppets had been sold out to children’s nursery from Kosjeric and the money was used for humanitarian aid.

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