03 - 16.AUGUST 2005. KOSJERIC


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The Fourth International Art Camp Kosjeric held in Kosjeric from 3rd till 16th of August 2005, embraced four art workshops including film, visual art, music and drama. In addition, there were plenty of extra curriculum activities such as International Evening, Sport Competitions, screening of the films by the participants of the Film Workshop and excursion to the Zlatibor Mountain where the participants visited Emir Kusturica’s Ethno Village, art exhibition of Jelena Savic and Sirogojno Ethno Park.

Film workshop was consisted of 12 participants divided into four groups of a director, cameraman and editor. During the camp each group finished a documentary film with a topic from Kosjeric as its main theme. Furthermore, the participants shot acclivities of the participants in other workshop that will be used for the film about the camp itself.

Participants of the Visual Art Workshop completed two murals on the walls of Engineering School in Kosjeric and primary school in the village of Varda and two exhibition Welcome to Avlija and Welcome to Art Cafe. In addition, the participants organised several interactive art program engaging with the people of Kosjeric, such as special radio shows on Radion Kosjeric on the languages of the participants, street spectacles, masked ball, Jamming with Kosjeric and planting of the “Wish Tree” specially designed for children.

Music Workshop with 11 participants composed more than 10 compositions with different folk motives that were played on traditional instruments from Bulgaria (bag-pipe, double pan-pipe and black umber), Peru (kena) and West Africa (djembe, dumdum and calabash) supported with more modern instruments such as saxophone, trumpets, piano, contrabass, guitar, violin, harmonica and electric bass guitar. Lyrics were sung on several languages: Japanese, Danish, French, English, Portuguese and Serbian. In addition, the participants composed music for three documentaries dome by the participants in Film Workshop

Participants in the Children Drama Workshop prepared puppet theatre based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The play was prepared by 14 children from Kosjeric age from 8 to 13 who made 12 puppets and 2 costumes.

The main programs that included films screenings, exhibitions, concerts and theatre were held in Kosjeric City Library and Cvijeta Zuzoric Galery in Belgrade on 14th and 15th of August.

Camp was organised by Non-governmental organisation K-town Group with the support of local government, Centre for Peace and Democracy Development, Young Researchers of Serbia, Braca Karic Art Academy, USAID (IRD) and media coverage by Radio Kosjeric. Realisation of the Camp programme was helped by 20 volunteers of K-town Group. 

We would like to use this opportunity to show our gratitude to all contributors to the project, as well as to the people of Kosjeric whose help was of the utmost importance for the success of the Camp.

Writen by : Tanja Bjelanović

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