02-15. AUGUST 2006.


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Fifth International Art Camp Kosjerić was hold in Kosjerić between 2nd and 15th of August 2006. It consisted of 5 art workshops (art-interact, wall painting, music, creative writing and children workshop) and included public shows and additional activities for participants (picnics, museum visits, etc). There were 100 participants; 26 of them from abroad coming from 14 different countries (Spain, South Korea, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Turkey and Malta); 24 home participants and 50 children from Kosjerić.

There were 14 participants coming from 8 countries that took part in the Art-Interact Workshop based in the hall of the Kosjerić House of Culture. Participants of this workshop organised two public lectures entitled Elements and Principles of Visual and Interactive Arts and Automatic Creative Writing. Participants also organized two street performances, one during the day aimed to the children (including mask dance, street drawing, little theatre and joggling school); and the second one during the evening that included art installations, video works and experimental theatre that actively included the audience. The artists from this workshop also designed the scene for Children Theatre Play. Final Program was presented on 14th of August in Kosjerić's Turkish Han. It encompassed video and other installations, drawings and prints, interactive colour performance that included the audience.

Music Workshop was based in Kosjerić's cinema hall. There were 15 participants from 6 countries. Participants composed 15 compositions based on different musical elements from different countries. Final shows were presented in Kosjerić on 14th of August and in Belgrade on 15th of August.

Wall Painting Workshop included 9 participants from 6 countries. Participants painted the mural on the town's  stairway in the main street. 

Creative Writing Workshop organised poetry evenings and multimedia presentation of poetry using short theatre forms, video art and installations. There was also a booklet of participants' impressions about Kosjerić, printed greeting cards with Kosjerić's motives and short anthology of poetry created during the camp. The workshop included 12 participants from 6 countries.

Children Theatre Workshop prepared a puppet play for children «The Aristocats». Children made 16 puppets and 2 compete costumes. The play was shown to Kosjerić audience on 14th of August. All 18 actors were children age 8 to 13, while 32 more children took part in the production of puppets and other children program in the Camp. In total there were 50 children who took part in the Workshop.

Additional activities included visits to Potpećka Cave, St. Ahilije Church in the town of Arilje and a lunch in a rural household in the village of Skakavaci near Kosjerić.

Final Show (films screenings, exhibition, concert and the play) was organised in Kosjerić on 14th of August in Kosjerić National Library, Town Staircases and Turkish Han; and on 15th of August in Belgrade in the National Library.

It is estimated that the final show was seen by some 500 visitors, while the total audience is estimate on around 1000 people.




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