01-15 AUGUST 2008


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7th International Art Camp Kosjerić was held between 1st and 15th of August 2008 in Kosjerić. It hosted more then 50 young artists from Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Mexico, Russia, France, Belgium, South Korea, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary and many home artists from different parts of Serbia.

The artists worked in four different workshops: music, wall painting, theatre and visual arts, as it was also the case in previous years.

Artists in the Music Workshop formed an international band that put together a program based on music from participants’ countries of origin. Final concert was an impressive combination of music and modern dance and it was held on 13th of August in Kosjerić and 15th of August in Belgrade. Participants in the music workshop had several other concerts that were held as a support to other workshops opening an additional space for participants’ interaction and exchange of artistic ideas.

Participants in Wall Painting Workshop painted a mural on the 220 meter long wall in Skrapeška Street using combined technique of mural and graphic painting. Every artist had its own part of the mural that she/he can use to express her or his creativity, but the whole mural also has a central theme that makes it stand as whole and completely unique in this part of Serbia. Opening ceremony was held in front of many Kosjerić citizens on 12th of August accompanied by the performances of music and theatre workshops.

Participants of the theatre workshop performed several short plays in Kosjerić public space. That was the first time that an art program was placed in the town green market, while other performances were placed in cafe bar Breza, at the main street and Kosjerić House of Culture during the Final Program of 13th of August. With inspirational and for Kosjerić’s circumstances highly unconventional plays that were performed in different public spaces, participants in the theatre workshop tried to maximise their interaction with  Kosjerić citizens and bring different meaning to the classical art of theatre (which, according to the later survey, they did very successfully).

Visual Art Workshop was conceptualized as a series of art installation in different public places that are now permanently placed in the town. These include: Tamoki Game at the Sport Field, The Door of Life in the Town Park, Children Labyrinth in front of the primary school and Love Bench installation at the Skrapež river bank.

Children workshop consisted of several small workshops with wide variety of activities including dramatisation of Greek myths and legends, two day juggling workshop and small archaeology practice workshop. Especially productive was interaction with music workshop as participants in children workshop took part in music workshop final program. There was also a cat walk show with children held on the town market square accompanied with the program by music and theatre workshops participants.

In addition to their artistic activities, Camp participants used their free time to introduce their countries of origin to Kosjerić public. At the International Evening that included music, dance, movies and food, people from Kosjerić had a chance to see, hear and taste some of the typical products of 16 different countries all over the globe.

There was also a carnival that was as a part of the Camp activities. Masked participants and jugglers accompanied by music by music workshop participants made a long procession that stopped in the main street. The parade ended with children juggling program and a performance by the theatre workshop.

Big rock concert with bands: Kako sam ubio Lauru, Bloom and Vroom was held in Breza Cafe Bar on 2nd of August. This is a traditional Camp activity that aims to introduce Serbian rock scene to international participants and to enrich the modest town cultural scene. 

In order to introduce Camp’s international participants to Serbian countryside, we organized a daily trip to the nearby village of Mionica where we visited Luković family that has an open household engaged in so-called village tourism. Participants had a chance to try some homemade food and drink and to get to know typical rural family from this part of Serbia.
There was also a daily trip to the town of Arilje with a visit to the medieval Serbian church of St. Ahilije and Bosa Noga natural resource that is renewed for the clean and fresh Rzav River. 

7th International Art Camp Kosjerić was sponsored by Ministry of Youth and Sport, Kosjerić Town Council, Young Researches of Serbia and O3zone Gallery.



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