03-17 AUGUST 2009.


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Another colourful, melody driven, joyful, playful two weeks in Kosjeric happened between 3rd a d 17th of August. This year’s 8th international art camp by the name Artinteract attracted visitors from Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic , Austria, Italy , Poland, Great Britain, Slovakia, Ukraine and Canada and many talents from Serbia.

As has become a tradition, the participants were expressing their creativity in four different workshops: music, wall painting, theatre and visual arts.

The concept of music workshop was based on visual impressions of music and interaction between sound and image, thus interpreting the visual through space, movement and colours. The participants choose Kosjeric and its surrounding as motive for video material as a backdrop, but as a irreplaceable part of their compositions as well. With the unusual synergy of sounds from daring nintendo 8-beats, beatboxing , through shy flute, to opera-like singing, the participants really made an audibly and visually attractive blend. Besides the different instruments, participants merged different musical influences as well. Art camp musicians improvised on any given occasion; along with theatre group exploring movement of sound or vice versa or with wall painting group inspired by color.

Street galleries were once again enriched with wall painters interventions from the workshop with that very name. This time part of Kosjeric gallery was technical high school where participants brought their joint and individual ideas to two dimensions on its walls. The main mural was in playful way questioning Europe and the possible decay. This mural and the others were presented to the Kosjeric community on the evening of the final programme 15th of August.

Performing art workshops was based on interpretations of everyday situations using body and movements as instruments and surrounding space as playground with numerous possibilities. The artcamp performers have put on several short plays and a final performance thus interacting with the community using only a universal language of physical theatre .

Arbourg hill workshop participants explored the surrounding, their past experiences and with special accent on Kosjeric trying to put together a permanent exhibition for the town. Participants personified the surrounding and formed it into visual artworks using metal, wood, ceramics and other materials.

The youngest inhabitants of Kosjeric, as well left their creative mark on the program of Artinteract. The two-weeks of playing and creating finalised in the performance on the river bank of Skrapez on the evening of final programme 14th of August. Besides, they were along with participants the stars of children’s carnival working together on creating unusual masks and costumes. This year the streets of Kosjeric resembled scenes from Michael Jacksons Thriller video ,as the theme was Zombies. With music, singing and dancing zombies, corpse brides, witches and other eerie creatures walked the streets of Kosjeric led by a troupe of jugglers.

Ine of the events , that is traditional and justifies the name Artinteract is famous international evening, held on 11th of August, the event when Kosjeric becomes the world. The participants from 13 countries prepared each in their own interpretations, presentations of their countries and cultures using words, poetry, singing, dancing and even hip hop. After the programme Kosjeric people had the chance to savour the tastes from this countries in colourful traditional dishes and drinks.

Among other free time activities participants and people pf Kosjeric enjoyed a concert of Serbian band along with jam session of music workshop participants and had the opportunity to get the know this part of Serbia in organised excursions. Whether it is a hiking outing on the mounting of Divcibare, jeep visit to Skakavci or going wild to the trumpet sounds on Gucha festival, participants were in every aspect engaged in artinteraction in Serbia.

All of the creative effort blended in the unique final performance held on 15th of August in Kosjeric and 17th of August in Belgrade bringing together visuals, movement and sound. Participants left with amazing impressions of summer of fun, playing and creativity.

8th International Art Camp Kosjerić was sponsored by Ministry of Youth and Sport, Kosjerić Town Council, Young Researches of Serbia.



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