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During September and October 2005 the members of the K-town group organized painting of the walls of the Children Department in the Kosjerić Health Center.

The idea for this action came from the Laure Dalon, French volunteer who had a chance to notice unimaginative surrounding of the Health Center Children Department. During the period of two months, Lora coordinated the project and together with Anabela Jevtović and Miloš Božović finished several murals at the children waiting rooms and doctor rooms. The project was financed by Center for Peace and Developing Democracy from Belgrade

Mural designs are different in the babies and the section for the sick children. Design in the babies section is adapted to their age with restricted color spectrum of blue and green with a few pastel notes of orange, yellow and pink. All shapes used in the murals are made to be pleasing for the babies’ eyes with soft forms of the objects and motives taken from the famous fairytales.  

On the other hand, the mural design in the section for the sick children is more dramatic with asymmetric composition and with a lot of colors. This section is bigger than those for the babies and it is dedicated for the children of different age (from 3 to 18 years old), thus the mural authors decided to make more complex and abstract pictures with the urban themes.

The main goal of the murals authors was to erase unpleasant feeling of a cold institution and offer a space that will be enjoyable for the children of different age. The authors hope that different space will help children to feel safer and less afraid.

The mural authors were led by the idea that the pleasant working environment is an important element for a job’s satisfaction and they tried to make Health Centre more enjoyable space for its workers. The Health Center workers understood the authors’ intentions very well and helped them in their work as much as they could. The murals authors want to use this opportunity to show their gratitude to all Health Center staff.

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