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As modern communication is a necessary request for the development and prosperity of a contemporary society, NGO organisation K-town Group decided to organize series of lectures and two-day courses dedicated to advanced computer programs. The project was named Qrsevi and it included courses about computer design and IT sector.

Qrsevi project lasted from December 2007 to Jun 2008 and was attended by 16 participants. At the beginning of the programme, course participant had a small presentation abut all computer programs that will be though at the course and then a schedule was made. Until the end of the programme participants learned to master: Adobe Flash, Corel Draw, Adobe Dreawmeaver + Adobe Fireworks.

The main idea at course was that in addition to gaining the knowledge about the above computer programs, participants can also complete tasks and solve the problems that presented to them in the initial presentation. After each weekend session, participants received homework tasks that were aimed to keep participants engaged in the subject, while also introducing the next learning section. The course was designed in way that maximise students participations and each new sections was introduced after the mutual agreement of students and the teacher

Qrsevi was held in Kosjerić, in the game club "Game zone". The project was sponsored by Belgrade advertising agency - Orange studio. The main organizator of the program was NGO K-town Group.

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